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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Capt. Haim Conda
Son of Rachel and Zalman
22/3/1951 - 22/10/1973

Haim was born in Tel-Aviv in 1951, and studied in the A.L.Gordon elementry school in his home city. He then went on to Irony-Heh High-school and graduated it in 1969. Haim was very good at sports. During the six days war he volunteered to work in the post office because of his deep sense of responsebility.

Haim was drafted in late October 1969 and joined a Nachal group in Kibutz Amiad. He went to parachuting and squad-commander’s courses and finished them in excellency. During the Yom Kippur War, haim was sent sent to Sinay with his Nachal battleion, where he participated in the three-weeks fighting. In October 25th, 1973 Haim was wounded and killed and was buried in the army cementery of Kiryat-Shaul in Tel-Aviv.