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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Corp. Alexander Lifschitz
Son of Miriam and Benyamin
21/4/1953 - 7/10/1973

Alexander was born in 1953, in Haifa. He graduated from high-school in 1971. Alex was most interested in Mathematics and even wrote an essay in math, which was very advanced in realte to high-school level. Alex was a member of Hashomer-Hatzair movment, and kept touring the land. He loved Israel’s landscape.

Alex was drafted in November 1971, and joined the Nachal (Pioneer Combatant Youth). He then became a parachuter, although his mother objected. In 1973, during the Yom-Kipur War he was sent to help the wounded of the Tel-Saki battle, and was killed in action. Alex was buried in the army cementery in Hafia.

Still today, a foundation after his name exists, giving scholarships to students of Mathe,atics in the Thechnion in Hafia.