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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Corp. Daniel Spilberg
Son of Edna and David
18/7/1952 - 7/10/1973

Daniel was born in July 18th, 1952, in Jerusalem. His family moved to Tel-Aviv where he studied in the elementry school “Yavne”. His high-school studied were held in the agriculural high-school on Pardes-Hanna. Daniel was known by his love for animals. He joined the Hebrew-Scouts movement.

Daniel was drafted to the IDF in late November 1971 and joined the Nachal. He passed parachuting and machine-gun handeling courses. A few days before the Yom-Kippur War broke his unit was stationed in the sothern Golan, where they waited for the fightings. When the war broke, Daniel volunteered to go help the soldiers in the Tel-Saki battle, where he was killed in action. Daniel was buried in the Kiryat Shaul cementery in Tel-Aviv.