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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

First Private Dan Biatos
Son of Hava and Yehuda
19/7/1953 - 7/10/1973

Dan was born in Tel-Aviv in the year of 1953. He graduated from The New High-School in the city, in which he made excellent academic achievements, especially in History and Sociology. His friends remember him as a very friendly person, but at the same time, a shy person. Nice to all people and involved in various social activities at school and in the youth movement. Dan had a great love for nature and animals, and many times he helped injured or hungry street animals.

Dan was recruited to the IDF in 1971 and when the war broke out, he and his friends were included in the rescue force which was sent to Tel-Saki. Dan was killed during the heavy figthing in Tel-Saki.

After his death, his friends from high-school published a book about him. Dan left behind his parents and two sisters.