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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

First Sgt. Avner Schatz
Son of Miriam and Nehamia
21/2/1953 - 7/10/1973

Avner was born in 1953 in Hefetz-Haim, and was graduated from the high-school Yeshiva “Bney-Akiva” in Ra’anana. Avner was known as a polite, quite person, who was always willing to help anyone who was in need. He was a good student who always paid attention to studying, especially relegious studies.

Avner was drafted to the IDF in early December 1971 and joined a Nachal group. He then passed a parachuting course and a squad-commander course. There he was known for his patience and the fact that he always listened to his soldiers’ problems and helped them. His soldiers followed him willingly wherever he went. When the Tel-Saki battle broke out, Avner was sent to rescue the soldiers there. Avner was killed in action in that battle. He was buried in the Hefetz-Haim cementery.