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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Private Doron Atzil
Son of Tyia and David

Doron was born in Tel-Aviv in October of 1953. He graduated from elementary school and high-school in Tel-Aviv, and afterwards started working for a short period as a substitute teacher in the Israeli town of Rechovot. Doron was a very popular person starting on from his school years, he had many friends and was well known for his excellent sense of humor. In addition to that he participated in drama classes and had a talent for acting in all sorts of plays.

Doron was a member of the Zionist Working Youth Movement (Ha Noaar Ha-Oved), and he went into the military in the year of 1971 together with his friends from the movement. He went through various military courses, and became a paratrooper. He had many dreams regarding what to do after he finishes his military service. Doron wanted to become a movie director.

All of his dreams were brutally cut off on the morning of October 7th, 1973, three days after his birthday. Doron was part of the rescue force that reached Tel-Saki. He left behind him his parents and a brother.