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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Private Ron Hertzenstein
Son of Haya and Peretz
5/5/1953 - 7/10/1973

Ron was born in Haifa. He graduated from elementary school in his hometown, and later went on to the special Navy High-School in Akko. Ron’s father died when the child was only ten years old. This meant a lot of responsebility for him, but all of this responesbility never got in the way of his school work, and Ron was a very diligent student during his school years.

Ron was recruited to the IDF in 1971 and was sent to Nachal (Pioneer Combatant Youth). Later on he joined the Paratroopers. Ron went through a professional sappers’ course. He won a lot of respect from his commanders and friends. Ron and his friends were sent to Tel-Saki on the morning of October 7th, as part of the rescure force. He died in combat, leaving behind his mother, brother and sister. .