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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Sgt. Binyamin Hanany
Son of Israel and Esther
23/3/1952 - 7/10/1973

Binyamin was born in Jerusalem during the year of 1952. He graduated from a public elementary school, and went on to graduate from a religious Yeshiva high-school. He studied in Kfar Maimon Yeshiva in southern Israel and fell in love with the Negev landscape. Binyamin also wrote poetry during the time, most of his poems delt with his love for nature. Binyamin, who friends and family called Benny, was recruited to the IDF in 1970, to the Nachal (Pioneer Combatant Youth) and was stationed with his friends in the Golan Heights. During his time in the military he also took part in attacks on terrorist bases in Lebanon. He became an officer.

On the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, Benny was part of the rescue force that was sent to Tel-Saki. He died in combat while firing at the Syrian army forces.