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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Sgt. Yosef Mantaka
Son of Miriam and Aharon
1951 - 7/10/1973

Yosef was born in Turkey during the year of 1951. His family immigrated to Israel when he was five years old. He graduated from high-school and went off to help his family by working and earning money. He was a very hard-working man, his employers had a lot of respect for him, working hard at such a young age. His friends from school remember his excellent sense of humor and his love for all people. Yosef was recruited to the IDF in 1969. He won a lot of appreciation from his peers and commanding officers. During the time he kept strong touch with his family at home.

Yosef was part of the rescue force that was sent to Tel-Saki on the morning of October 7th. He was killed during the heavy figthing with the Syrian army.