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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Srg. Avner Foltheim
Son of Moshe and Ruhama
30/10/1954 - 7/10/1973

Avner was born in 1954 in Sde-Ilan. There he graduated from elementary and high-school studies in 1972. Avner was known for his love of nature and people. His family and friends admired him for his characteristics and will to help anyone in need.

Avner was drafted in late July 1972 and volnteered to serve in the Nachal (Pioneer Combatant Youth). He graduated Squad-commanders course and Parachuters course. In 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, he helped holding the lines agaisnt the syrian forces in the north. On October 7th, 1973, Avner was killed in action, in the Tel-Saki battle. He was buried in the Sde-Ilan cementery.