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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Sgt. Michael Schwatz
Son of Fanya and Wolf
28/2/1947 - 7/10/1973

Michael was born in Pinsk, Russia, in the year 1947, and came to Israel with his family in 1960. He graduated elemntry studies in Russia and High-school studies in the Petah-Tikva. Micahel was known for his love of nature and animals.

In August 1967 Micahel was drafted to the IDF as a truck driver. In 1972 Michael married his girlfriend Miriam. In March 1973 Mirriam gave birth to Ethan, their oldest son. In September that year Micahel was called for reserved service as a truck driver, and when the Yom Kipur War broke, he was sent to help rescue the wounded of the battle of Tel-Saki. Michael was killed in action in October 7th 1973, and was buried in Natzrat-Elite.