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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Srg. Yaakov-Shmuel Ramon
Son of Ruth and Moshe
10/12/1953 - 7/10/1973

Yaakov was born in December 10th, 1953, in Seattle, USA. He studied in the public elementery school “Merser” and in a conservative “Cheder”. Yaakov loved sport and Chess, and wanted to become a doctor when he would grow up. He also formed a band during his teenage years. Yaakov’s family immigrated to Israel in 1968. Yaakov then joined “Hashomer Hatsair” movment.

Yaakov was drafted to the IDF in 1971, as a parachuter in the Nachal. He also went through Medic course and finished it in excellency. When the Yom-Kipur war broke, Yaakov was sent as a medic to the Battle of Tel-Saki were he was killed in action. He was buried in the Mount-Herzl cementery.