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Stories of Friendship and Heritage

Staff Sgt. Ariel Wisman
Son of Rebecca and Mans
22/3/1953 - 7/10/1973

Ariel was born in Tel-Aviv. Ariel graduated from high-school in Tel-Aviv. During his school time he started finding great interest in the Jewish religion. He was a good student and had many friends in school. Ariel was a guide in the religious-zionist youth movement “Bnei Akiva”. In addition to all of that, he loved dealing with electronics and mechanics. On the same time, he also loved reading fiction books. In general, Ariel had a very wide field of interests.

Ariel was recruited to the IDF in 1971. He was an excellent soldier and was sent to officers course. He went through most of the course with good achievements, but could’t finist it because of medical problems, which caused him not only physical pain, but a lot of sorrow for not finishing the course. Ariel returned to his unit just days before the outbreak of the war. During the rescue operation in Tel-Saki, he was killed, fighting against the Syrian soldiers. He left behind his parents and two sisters. After his death he was promoted to become a staff sgt.